• #Episode 1 Loic's testimonial


    "I am currently acting as a Business Sparring Partner for a senior manager in a company active in the energy sector. I support him in his reflection on the new vision for his department in order to remain in synch with the aspirations of the company.


    How do I make the connection with Intisify?


    Quite simply because we think together about how to position his department so that it becomes a real value business partner for the management committee and uses its current strengths and assets to achieve the company's objectives. If the company achieves its objectives, it will sustain and continue its growth in the long term. So the vision we shape together attempts to strengthen the link between his contribution and the achievement of company goals.


    In addition, as the company wants to help its customers in their ecological transitions more globally, indirectly and through a snowball effect, it can be said that he is contributing at his level to this initiative. We are now trying to put in place this vision into practice by obtaining the buy-in of the Top Management.


    We are making sure that it produces long-term and lasting effects by working on commitment, clarification about what is at stake, mobilization, knowledge of the issue, and partnership. Neither he nor I imagine something that will end up in a cupboard. 


    We want to have a long-term impact because we think it's the right thing to do to help the company move in the right direction."

    - Loïc Decaux, PhD