• Our methodology is inclusive, dynamic & holistic​​

  • Our Methodology


    The methodology below is taught to our consultants ​to help them quickly develop skills, knowledge and experience that will make the difference​.

  • Lean agile scalable methodology

    Lean, Agile & Scalable Methodology

    We have created a 5-step methodology specifically to optimize our work efficiency and to suit all our partners. This unique methodology is taught to all our consultants in order to get the best results for each of our missions.

    Frame scope context

    Frame, Scope & Context

    We, at Intysify, are consciously qualified to tackle social, environmental & economic challenges of tomorrow. With our technical background in sustainability , we identify the critical points your business is facing today & help you resolve it in the future.

    Analyse & Diagnose

    Analyse & Diagnose

    We analyze with an innovative and skilled eye your business reality and diagnoses the existing operational levers. In order to improve your sustainable progress, we rely on Intys’ renowned cross-sectorial expertise in Supply Chain, Procurement, and Data & Finance.


    Evaluate Maturity

    Evaluate Maturity

    We know that the word “sustainability” is too often misused. What we want, at Intysify, is to prevent greenwashing by assessing companies’ real sustainable performance with relevant and accurate KPIs.

    Plan a roadmap

    Plan a Roadmap

    We support the elaboration of corporate sustainability strategies. Driven by our expertise and skilled consultants, we plot and reach tangible and impactful milestones during your strategic sustainable journey.

    Act & monitor

    Act & Monitor

    On sustainability strategies’ journeys, we put the emphasis on the accomplishment of impactful and successful deliverables, with concrete results. Those are monitored on recurrent basis to identify gaps & adjust actions accordingly.