• We implement your Sustainability Strategy in operational & realistic actions

  • The way we think

    Intysify is a catalyst for change. We implement sustainability strategies into operational actions to enable companies reaching their goals. We set challenging yet feasible plans depending on impact & urgency of action.

    Circular approach sustainability spark start scale



    We have developed an exclusive approach that guides and supports all our actions, ​THE 3S : Spark, Start, Scale. ​​​​​​​


    Our methodology is inclusive, dynamic & holistic​. This way of thinking is taught to our consultants ​to help them frame companies' challenges, deliver advanced solutions and to support projects that create a positive impact.

    Sustainable excellence & innovation



    Every consultant is trained to integrate a sustainability dynamic within all of Intys’ renowned expertise. We support our clients in integrating a sustainable dynamic and expertise either in transforming their business through End-to-End projects by committing on results and, in reinforcing their team by providing them operational support based on a service agreement​.

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