• Sustainable Development Goals

    Even though we work every day on achieving each SDG, it is crucial to focus on some highly relevant goals to our scope of action. Intysify identifies eight goals that our teams can directly address.

    SDG 2 zero hunger

    We help companies avoid waste notably by working on food donations programs. We accompany them in the implementation of such programs, both in terms of operations and compliance.

    SDG 3 good health and well-being

    At Intysify, we want to ensure good health and well-being of our employees and stakeholders. It is materialized by our "Call to Action" program where healthy diets and lifestyle are encouraged through different activities and challenges throughout the year but also by our work on the Nutriscore development.

    You can also have a quick view on our operations through this article on our blog related to this SDG.

    SDG 4 quality education

    In order to ensure quality education, we work in close collaboration with multiple universities and high schools, notably to challenge students with business cases and real-life examples. On top, we provide tailor-made development tracks to train all our consultants in sustainable and operational expertise. In addition, Intysify encourages knowledge sharing with various activities promoted internally.

    SDG 7 affordable and clean energy

    Many of our clients are active in the energy sector. We help them daily in the energy transition to ensure access to affordable and clean energy.

    SDG 8 decent work and economic growth

    We ensure the best working conditions to our employees and enable their personal growth with an adapted development track. We also strive to help our clients achieve sustainable growth through our expertise and delivered services.

    SDG 12 responsible consumption and production

    On the one hand, we accompany companies in their operations to make them more sustainable. At Intysify, we have expertise on the entire supply chain. We help companies have more responsible products and production processes. On the other hand, we promote more responsible consumption by working the conception of various tools and indicators enabling consumers to adopt more sustainable behaviors.

    SDG 13 climate action

    Of course, all our actions aim at participating in the climate transition. We collaborate with companies providing Carbon Footprint Assessment tools to deliver end-to-end solutions to our clients and we implement carbon footprint reduction plans.

    SDG 17 partnerships for the goals

    Obviously, collaboration is essential to achieve previous goals. Collective action is necessary. At Intysify, we work in close collaboration with all of our stakeholders because we believe sustainable development can only be achieved by working all together in the same direction.

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