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    Your key consulting advisor in implementing sustainability strategies within existing departments and operations of companies

  • Intysify, a brand of Intys, is a growing team of sustainability experts.

  • what is sustainable consulting ?

    Our mission

    We support companies in their operations as closely as possible. Each company's journey is different, hence our tailor-made approach to consulting. Operational Excellence is our definition of sustainability - raising awareness and responsibility, respecting societal and environmental harmony, while ensuring sustained prosperity and growth in which activities can flourish.

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    Our Vision

    At intysify, sustainability is a core value that is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture. To tackle the environmental and societal challenges of tomorrow, we need to work together in a collaborative manner. We are using our expertise and experience to set up an integrated approach. We raise awareness, diagnose the situation, evaluate the maturity, frame the scope of action and deliver positive value that will benefit everyone.

  • Our Culture

    At Intysify, we believe that Sustainability is a state of mind and the new norm.

    We aim to overcome today the challenges of tomorrow.

    environmental social economic aspects



    We aim to improve the company's operational externalities related to the environmental, social, and economic aspects.


    We expect to deliver a significant and positive contribution to businesses.

    Green innovation



    We promote an entrepreneurial culture by continuously improving our service and by implementing innovative solutions for our clients.


    We also encourage our employees to challenge and train themselves to adapt to the rapidly changing environment.

    Consulting professional and personal fulfilment



    We are committed to providing professional and personal fulfilment by considering the challenges of the current fast-moving world.


    We base our success on collaboration, communication and the achievement of set objectives.

  • "We are driven to meet the requirements of changing markets. We aim at gathering the best company experts in their own scope and to make our clients reach their full potential." 

    Philippe Metz, CEO at Intys.