• Roundtables

    At Intysify, we truly believe that sharing knowledge is the way to reach sustainability. In order to do that, we launched the Intysify Roundtables!

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    With this concept we aim to guide towards enriching discussions between companies across all sectors dealing with common challenges. You will benefit from our digital tools that facilitate the sharing of ideas, asking questions, and the generation of active and open discussions through user-friendly platforms.

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    Hosted by Intysify

    We invite committed companies to take part in roundtables on transition-related topics to exchange and build eco-systems of knowledge. This enables all of us to gain a deeper and global knowledge of the market, as well as allowing our guests to network and exchange good practices.

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    We organize your roundtable according to your needs and objectives. We advise you and help you to host your own roundtable, tailor-made to your requirements. We carefully select guest speakers, take care of the logistics and the mediation, follow up with guests, etc. Build your network and exchange on topics of your choice without the organization hassle, we take care of everything!

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    We organize workshops for your company on topics of your choice. Every workshop is tailor-made and fully customizable so that each event contributes to your objectives.

  • Sharing knowledge

    The purpose of the "Intysify Roundtables" is to help companies develop their sustainable knowledge and skills by sharing with peers on critical topics such as CSR communication, carbon neutrality, and the circular economy, to name a few. Participants benefit from the experience of expert guest speakers carefully selected for each specific subject. Through this initiative, attendees build collective intelligence by exchanging good practices, which enables them to walk the change in their respective companies. With a pinch of determination and all these ingredients, your transition recipe will move to the next level.

  • Past roundtables

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    Intysify Roundtables :

    CSR Communication


    Hosted by Intysify

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    Industrial Roundtables:

    Carbon neutrality


    Hosted by Lhoist