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  • The Energy and Utilities sector plays a crucial role in the current challenges our planet is facing. Actors have to guarantee access to cleaner energies to a wider growing population while striving for decarbonizing the global supply in energy. For that matter, we look at different elements that play a role in this sector and how to change them to reach a specific target. 


    One of the first pillars to achieve a zero-carbon target is to radically change the source and the nature of products, both of them are becoming more and more important to companies. For instance, they want to switch to greener energies such as hydrogen, wind and solar sources of energy to run their processes. The production processes and the important role supply chains play in it also need to be radically assessed and improved. Experts are tackling challenges related to supply chain and production processes by involving a broader consideration of their negative impact on society, environment, and people. By doing so, improvements and sustainability strategies should lead to more sustainable production systems and supply chains.


    Supply Chain impact assessment and processes improvement are key levers to move for a more sustainable future. However, they require deep understanding and key competencies from the field to identify areas of new opportunities for sustainable development including for instance reverse supply chain, responsible sourcing, scope 3 CO2 emissions calculation and reduction, suppliers’ code of conducts, etc. For all these reasons, we believe the expertise of our consultants in supply chain in the energy and utilities sectors are of a great added value to contribute to a positive impact on every area of development. 


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