• Carbon assessment

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    Importance of carbon assessment


    Carbon assessment is crucial for evaluating the environmental footprint of projects, as it helps to identify the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released during the project's lifecycle. This information is essential for developing strategies to mitigate the project's impact on climate change and promote sustainability.

  • What we did

    Our team has developed a comprehensive tool to systematically evaluate the sustainability aspects of projects and identify potential areas for process improvement. Utilizing a risk assessment grid across different organizational units, we provided decision-making support to project leaders. Our mission went beyond technical development, as we conducted rigorous data analysis and interpretation to provide a comprehensive impact assessment. Effective communication with project managers was also a key focus, as we shared insights and recommendations derived from the tool's outputs.

    The purpose of action

    As one of the major cause of environmental pollution, consumer demand towards plastic reduction is raising. Therefore some companies are redesigning their business models to include this focus on waste management and plastic reduction. We have our role to play in this war against plastic, waste and environmental pollution within the retail sector.


    At Intysify, we consider ourselves as consulting experts in Sustainable Management. This means that we want to integrate a sustainability dynamic in our renowned operational expertise in supply chain, procurement, finance, and data. Our excellence in Project Management is an appropriate and scalable methodology to implement Sustainability Strategies in operational & realistic actions.

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