• Waste & Plastic Reduction

  • Support for the Sustainability department in waste management and plastic packaging use reduction

    Today more than ever, food retailers are experiencing challenges regarding waste management and packaging use.

  • What we did

    As part of the Sustainability Department, we started this project with calculating how many tons of waste was produced by the retailer in 2018. Therefore, we responded to an audit with accurate numbers and proofs. Besides this data analysis, the main mission was to decrease the use of plastic in the retail stores.


    To do so, we coordinated a whole team of experts to work on new sustainable packaging solutions. With this team, we designed new packages using less plastic, regarding the types of products – cereals, starch, fruits & vegetables, etc. Indeed, depending on each specific product, packaging challenges and constraints are different based on their life cycle, shelflife, conservation, protection, handling, transportation, storage, and the information communicated on the packaging.


    Moreover, designing less polluting packaging requires to look at intrinsic constraints regarding solidity, shape, cost, components and many other parameters of each specific products. Simultaneously, we conducted surveys directly in stores to gather customers’ opinion about the currently used packaging. With all this information and designing phases, one of the final solution was to replace plastic bags available at the checkout by paper bags.

    The purpose of action

    As one of the major cause of environmental pollution, consumer demand towards plastic reduction is raising. Therefore some companies are redesigning their business models to include this focus on waste management and plastic reduction. We have our role to play in this war against plastic, waste and environmental pollution within the retail sector.


    At Intysify, we consider ourselves as consulting experts in Sustainable Management. This means that we want to integrate a sustainability dynamic in our renowned operational expertise in supply chain, procurement, finance, and data. Our excellence in Project Management is an appropriate and scalable methodology to implement Sustainability Strategies in operational & realistic actions.

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