• Sustainable Finance

  • Financial Competence Center of Support Services for a Green Energy Provider

    The Energy Provider required support to develop strategies for its monthly closing, its medium-term planning and its cash & working capital.

  • What we did

    In collaboration with the energy provider, we developed financial impactful strategies, linked to the underlying departments.


    Moreover, we developed, implemented, and monitored Financial Performance Indicators​ for the monthly results. Furthermore, we translated our results and analysis into a comprehensible presentation for the internal and external stakeholders.


    In line with the company’s strategic vision and in collaboration with the management team, we created business plans and underlying assumptions to identify possible savings (Opex, Capex)​. Regarding cash & working capital, we forecasted future cash flows of operational expenditures (monthly and long-term).

    The purpose of action

    The goal was to support the Green Energy Provider with its Financial Support Systems to develop and recommend areas of improvement within their existing processes.


    At Intysify, we consider ourselves as consulting experts in Sustainable Management. This means that we want to integrate a sustainability dynamic in our renowned operational expertise in supply chain, procurement, finance, and data. Our excellence in Project Management is an appropriate and scalable methodology to implement Sustainability Strategies in operational & realistic actions.

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