• Nuclear waste

  • Importance of dealing properly with nuclear waste

    Dealing with nuclear waste is crucial for the safety of both current and future generations. If not managed properly, nuclear waste can pose significant health and environmental risks, including radiation exposure and contamination of air, water, and soil. Therefore, proper storage and disposal of nuclear waste is essential to minimize the potential harm to human health and the environment.

  • What we did

    In compliance with Belgian law, regular reporting on nuclear installations is mandatory every five years to provide political guidance. These reports must be concise and include costing and provision details. To ensure an effective reporting process that can identify potential issues and provide recommendations to decision-makers, we adopted a multifaceted approach. This involved engaging with producers to gain a thorough understanding of their financial liquidity and investigating differences between costing and provisions while ensuring their accuracy. We also ensured that each nuclear waste is assigned a responsible party to guarantee the proper functioning of the entire system.

    The purpose of action

    As one of the major cause of environmental pollution, consumer demand towards plastic reduction is raising. Therefore some companies are redesigning their business models to include this focus on waste management and plastic reduction. We have our role to play in this war against plastic, waste and environmental pollution within the retail sector.


    At Intysify, we consider ourselves as consulting experts in Sustainable Management. This means that we want to integrate a sustainability dynamic in our renowned operational expertise in supply chain, procurement, finance, and data. Our excellence in Project Management is an appropriate and scalable methodology to implement Sustainability Strategies in operational & realistic actions.