• E-Mobility Solutions

  • Lead of e-mobility projects and operations for a Renewable Energy Provider

    Renewable Energy Providers experience some challenges while implementing their e-mobility strategy with charging stations for instance. Intysify brought expertise to smoothen the running of their e-mobility processes and operations when installing charging stations or other related solutions.

  • What we did

    On the one hand, we benchmarked the current energy market and its offerings in terms of e-mobility solutions. This benchmark consisted in the creation & implementation of a business plan & offer and in the creation and management of suppliers’ contracts.


    On the other hand, we coordinated the different involved stakeholders such as electrical installers, reception organisators, platform operators, suppliers and so forth to deliver solutions within the agreed time & budget scope.

    The purpose of action

    The aim of our support for this Green Energy Provider was to coordinate, lead and implement e-mobility solutions to drive them through their Renewable Energy Strategies in e-mobility.


    At Intysify, we consider ourselves as consulting experts in Sustainable Management. This means that we want to integrate a sustainability dynamic in our renowned operational expertise in supply chain, procurement, finance, and data. Our excellence in Project Management is an appropriate and scalable methodology to implement Sustainability Strategies in operational & realistic actions.

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