• Industrial Roundtables engaging in carbon neutrality

    The context
    Intysify organises round tables about specific topics related to sustainable matters to allow different actors with strong commitments to share with each other and learn from peers.


    In collaboration with Intysify, Lhoist - a Belgian company specialised in the production and sale of lime and dolomite - brought around 20 professionals from different industries: Cement, Glass, Lubricants, Stainless steel, Bricks, Chemistry, and South Pole as challengers and CO2 experts. We were able to share about carbon neutrality topics for one and half days.

    We created tailor-made discussions and workshops in close collaboration with key experts who gave their input on four specific topics:


    1. “How to integrate carbon neutrality into your strategies & operations?” by Stéphane Rapoport, managing director at ENGIE Impact
    2. “How can strategic investments set your company on a path to carbon neutrality?” by Constance d'Aspremont, Chief Business Development Officer at Greenomy
    3. “How can the industry sector adapt to the EU’s evolving climate policy landscape?” by Sam Andrea W., EU Policy Specialist Energy and Climate at EPICO KlimaInnovation
    4. “How to communicate about carbon neutrality to raise transparency and avoid backlashes?” by Valérie Swaen, Professor at Université Catholique de Louvain


    At Intysify, we are convinced that the current major challenges will only be solved through close collaboration of all agents and we are extremely pleased to share this vision with Lhoist.


    Indeed, industrials are all facing environmental challenges and need to seize opportunities of a new kind. Therefore, decisions leading to tremendous future impacts must be taken. To this extent, sharing about challenges, opportunities, and risks with peers promotes the development of strategies for a more forward-looking business.


    Thanks to these roundtables, companies are able to exchange on given topics and create synergies where possible. Let’s build a strong network of committed companies together!

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