• Intysify's roundtable : CSR communication & engagement


    The context
    The 7th of April, our first round table took place! Thanks to the diversity of actors and experts present, we were able to provide each other with relevant examples of communications and commitments to corporate sustainability. The exchanges highlighted key concepts that we can work on as change agents in our companies. To name but a few examples:


    • There are several levels of maturity when it comes to sustainability and CSR engagement and communication depending on our specific situation
    • Existing tools such as marketing, SDGs, and reporting can serve to make further progress on our level of maturity and provide guidance to define next steps
    • The quest for enhanced transparency needs to be addressed by balancing effectively positive communication as well as a negative one
    • The focus on facts, data and the use of key performance indicators (KPIs) to generate motivation and engagement and identify areas of improvement for further progress.
  • The key concerns

    1. How to reach an alignment between top management CSR decisions and employees' actions?
    2. How do we increase the comprehension of the strategy and the message to deliver?
    3. How do we deal with the misinterpretation of a CSR communication?
    4. How can we educate consumers when competitors promote wrong behaviors?

    The key findings

    • Align CSR actions and communication
    • Create convergence in your initiatives
    • Motivate business cases to engage everyone
    • Define actions based on CSR maturity level
    • Be a precursor and connect wisely with actors
    • Use the language of your target Detail your communication with key figures
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