This article aims to define one of our areas of expertise - Sustainable Finance.

  • Sustainable Finance

    Sustainable Finance is an integral part of Intysify’s expertise, but what is it exactly? Let’s start with an important facet of Sustainable Finance called “green investing.” This refers to investing activities that have the objective of preserving natural resources and helping businesses strive for sustainable development in their own strategies and processes. In Belgium, multiple actors already enable green investments. Among them, we can cite Rebel by Belfius, Candriam, Lita, NewB or Banx.


    It stands at the crossroads of financial, socio-economic and environmental challenges. It plays a crucial role as it can accelerate the transition towards a low emissions economy. More and more intruments exist, such as green bonds, green indices, green loans, etc. In 2019, the amount of green debt reached $257 billion, which is five times more than in 2016. In response to this increasing prevalence of sustainable finance, the European Commission has been working on a new legislation called ‘Sustainable Finance Taxonomy’. Find out more about this taxonomy in our dedicated article.

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